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This website exists for the proclamation of God’s truth revealed in Scripture – the way of everlasting life through Jesus Christ.


The books, articles and true stories provided here are committed to the biblical doctrines recovered by the Christian Church at the Reformation and taught by the Puritans and their successors. May the Almighty God prosper the work here and may He abundantly bless the endeavours of all His people, sending His Holy Spirit with power to shed forth the pure light of Christ.


The site is named “Covenant of Grace” because that covenant establishes God’s mercy and goodwill to man . . . more




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How Shall I Go to God?

The Sinner's Prayer

What Does it Mean to be Saved?

Wrong & Right Ways of Dealing With Sin

You Must be Born Again







Abusing or Receiving God's Mercy  

"Think not that because God is merciful, you may go on in sin; this is to make mercy your enemy. None might touch the ark but the priests, who by their office were more holy; so none may touch the ark of God's mercy but such as are resolved to be holy. To sin because mercy abounds is the devil's logic. He that sins because of mercy, is like one that wounds his head because he has a plaster. He that sins because of God's mercy, shall have judgement without mercy. Mercy abused turns to fury. ‘If he bless himself, saying, I shall have peace though I walk after the imaginations of my heart, to add drunkenness to thirst, the Lord will not spare him, but the anger of the Lord, and his jealousy, shall smoke against that man' (Deuteronomy 29:19, 20). Nothing is sweeter than mercy, when it is improved [i.e., made use of]; nothing fiercer, when it is abused . . ." more


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Western Victorian Sunrise
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"Reception of Christ is the immediate duty of all who hear the gospel; and nought can excuse their not doing so"

Dr John Kennedy, Ross-shire, Scotland